This is one of those simple, 3-ingredient cocktail wonders. Perfect for a holiday gathering with friends, it’s so simple you won’t be stuck behind your home bar clanking bottles after bottles of liquor just trying to please your guests. Oh no…this one is simple, delish and beautiful all at the same time.



Tools: Cocktail shaker and strainer
Glass: Coupe or Martini
Extras: Thinly sliced fresh pears for garnish

Servings: 2 cocktails

4 oz. Pear flavored vodka (Grey Goose LaPoire or Absolut PEARS are both great)
2 oz. Honey Syrup (honey-to-water ratio = 1:1)
2 oz. fresh squeezed lemon juice

How to Make It:
Fill cocktail shaker with ice. Add all liquid ingredients. Shake it like you mean it! Strain into coupe or martini glasses. Garnish with pear fan.


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