Yesterday was the first day of Spring and today is Friday! What’s that mean? Cocktail Hour! We’ve adjusted to springing our clocks forward so now let’s soak in some of that newfound sunshine – with a cocktail in our hands! To kickoff our weekend and the beginning of the season that gets us into backyard entertaining again, we introduce you to a cocktail that may become your official drink of spring – the LAVENDER LEMONDROP MARTINI!

Gidget+LaRue's Lavender Lemondrop ~ sure to become a favorite!

Gidget+LaRue’s Lavender Lemondrop ~ sure to become a favorite!

Key to this drink is the addition of lavender and we take advantage of lavender’s sweet, floral notes with a homemade lavender simple syrup! Trust us – it is sooooo easy to make and gives your martini a special springtime twist that you will LOVE.

To get your weekend started get the recipe from the recent Gidget+LaRue BLOG over at our official cocktail partner. Everything you need to get a spring in your step and a cocktail in your hand is right there!

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