Everyone talks about the perfect drink. Be it a martini, a margi or some new hip libation that probably has the word “-tini” in it, most people like having cocktails made for them versus making them for a group of friends. At Gidget + LaRue we have three founding principles that we hope will take some mystery and fear out of making great cocktails.

1.  It’s all about the math. Don’t freak out. You won’t need a calculator to use our site. Making great cocktails starts with using the right ratios of alcohol to mixer or juice, etc. Our recipes will be easy to make and scale to fit the number of drinks you’re making.

2. Tools are important. Most professions rely on tools to make things easy. Chefs need good pans and knives; artists rely on a variety of good brushes and quality paint to create their works of art. Cocktailing isn’t much different. To make great cocktails you need certain base spirits in your pantry, certain glassware and a set of good bar tools (shaker, strainer, etc) to make things easier. We’re not talking about hundreds of dollars on stuff, but over time there is a way to build up a first class bar that will make you proud of your cocktailing prowess.

3.  Always balance your sweet-to-sour. We once read a book that said any good bartender can make a cocktail excellent by understanding how to balance flavor. Being able to balance the sweet factor along with the sour factor in a drink is essential. We consider this a lot in our recipes. After you’ve made a few of our cocktails and master this concept you will be amazed at how much fun you can have experimenting with just about anything!

One thought on “Cocktails

  1. Hey Trilby,
    Just shared your site with some awesome bartenders/mixologists in Victoria!! They are muy impressed 😍!!

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