Picture this :: Frosty the Snowman was a happy, jolly pumpkin! There’s an easy way to transition your pumpkins into the Christmas season. You can make a Pumpkin Snowman! Recycle your fall pumpkins with just a little white paint, an old scarf and a hat. It truly is that easy, so follow along and we’ll show you how to brighten up your front porch this season.

I know this is a big stray from my cocktail posts, but if you’d like to sip on a lovely holiday libation while building your Pumpkin Snowman, check out my Pumpkin Shandy or The Queen’s Men, both delicious and on point for the season.

While the list below looks like a lot of steps, it’s really quite easy and you’ll be pleased with the results. Read through the instructions once before diving in so you can have fun while creating your Pumpkin Snowman. Your friends and family will love the result!

Frosty the Pumpkin Snowman & his buddies

Frosty the Pumpkin Snowman & his buddies

3 pumpkins
White or light ivory paint {acrylic or spray enamel – Satin finish}
Painters tape {if you’re using orange pumpkins}
Wood glue
Round sponge brush
Black acrylic paint
Orange acrylic paint {if you want to paint your carrot nose}
Thin paint brush
2 sticks for arms
Felt hat

IMG_2798Select three pumpkins that can easily be stacked on top of each other. Play around with your pumpkins to find the best combination. You can either choose pumpkins that are all the same size or use one large, one medium and one small pumpkin.

*  Using a damp paper towel, wipe down each pumpkin to be sure they are clean and ready for paint. Let dry. 

IMG_1839*  If you’re using bright orange pumpkins, grab your painters tape and tape off a nose. Be sure to rub down along the cut edge to be sure your tape is stuck to your pumpkin so paint won’t seep through.

*  Cover the area you will be painting with a tarp or old sheet and spread out your pumpkins so you can paint them individually.


*  Using your spray or acrylic paint, coat your pumpkins with a light first coat of paint. Let dry. The acrylic paint can go on a bit thicker so a second coat may not be needed, but the spray paint works well if you spray a light first coat, dry and then come back with a second coat.

*  Make sure to let the paint dry completely before continuing. This can take between an hour and a half to two hours.

IMG_1847*  Using black paint and your round sponge brush, paint your face and buttons.

*  If you’re painting on your nose, grab that orange paint and paint an elongated triangle, then paint your eyes and smile.

*  Once this detail painting is done, take your painted pumpkins to wherever you’ll be displaying them and get ready to build your Snowman!

Pumpkin Snowmen Painted*  Grab your sticks and position them on each side of your middle pumpkin, marking the spot with a pen or Sharpie.

*  With a nail and hammer, pierce a hole where your arms will go, being careful to only punch a hole slightly smaller than your stick arms. Poke the arms into the pumpkin.

*  Stack your pumpkins. If they are a little wobbly, you can use wood glue to keep them stuck together. Simply place a line of glue where the pumpkins touch and secure in place, holding for a minute or two to let the glue set. If your pumpkins fit nicely on top of each other, you might not need the glue at all.

Pumpkin Snowmen on Sleigh

Time to dress up your Snowman. I used wired ribbon and a felt hat from Michaels Craft Store for mine, but any scarf or hat will do. This is the fun part of creating the personality of your Snowman so get creative! You can also add fake snow, greenery or fun holiday picks around the base of your Snowman Pumpkins for added decoration. Now sit back, have a holiday cocktail and smile at your creation!


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