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“Hey, do you have a wine opener by any chance?”

This was actually the first line of communication between Karen & Trilby – the duo who started Gidget+LaRue. It was a beautiful Saturday morning at the beginning of Fall term, our second year in college. Walking from opposite sides of our housing parking lot, we met over the need for a wine opener. Then, history was made (for us at least) when we became roommates in our third year at college. And the fun hasn’t stopped in almost thirty years. We got together to launch this site with one mission in mind – to bring back cocktail parties. We wanted to make throwing cocktail parties easy, simple and fun again. So Karen started with the appetizers and Trilby created and mixed the drinks. And we had a ball!

Then life happened and things got busy. So although Gidget+LaRue will always have the spirit of friendship at it’s heart and attitude, Trilby has driven the site forward and is the sole contributor for the blog.

And it’s going great!


Just last year Trilby’s cocktail “Pom & Circumstance” won a 2nd place award for Sunset Publishing’s Holiday Cocktail Party Contest. We almost died! I mean … Sunset MAGAZINE? Really?! And for nearly two years running Trilby has been the honorary cocktail blogger to coupon.com’s online magazine – thegoodstuff.com. Contributing to such a great online forum is pretty amazing and I’m having the time of my life building the Gidget+LaRue brand and drink library!

Trilby lives in Redwood City (a lovely suburb just 30 minutes south of San Francisco) with her husband Cody. Her two kids, Zach and Zoe are away at college in Santa Barbara and Oregon so when she’s not working as a Director at a busy San Francisco advertising agency, she’s spending time in her liquid kitchen creating all those yummy cocktails for you.

We hope Gidget+LaRue will provide the inspiration needed to throw some great parties of your own.



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