I’ve found a way to don a sombrero and indulge in all the wonderful Cinco de Mayo cocktails without the guilt of overindulgence in calories! It’s true. With a bit of measuring and the willingness to step outside of that calorie-loaded margarita routine, you are on your way to celebrating Cinco de Mayo in style with this under 250-calorie cocktail.

Let’s get started by heating things up a bit. Spicy & smoky green jalapeno peppers are delicious, but also pretty darn HOT! This cocktail – the Hot Madre –provides that pepper flavor without the bite of a jalapeno. Start out with a pepper-flavored vodka (I used Absolut Peppar and it worked great) and cool it down with the addition of a little fresh pineapple.



TOOLS :: Cocktail shaker, wire strainer and ice,
GLASS ::  Martini
SERVINGS :: 1 cocktail
EXTRAS :: fresh pineapple slice for garnish,

2 oz. Absolut Peppar Vodka (or similar pepper flavored vodka)
½ oz. simple syrup (1:1 sugar to water)
4 good chunks of fresh pineapple

Fill shaker halfway with ice cubes.
Add pineapple and simple syrup, then muddle.
Add more ice and the vodka. Shake it like you mean it!
Double strain into martini glass and garnish with pineapple.

The Hot Madre is a simple, low-cal cocktail and is certain to spice up your Cinco de Mayo party. If you’re feeling a little more daring and want to keep those calories in check, we recommend going old school with a new twist on tequila shots!

At around 150 calories each, these power-packed little shots from are easy, delicious and pretty darn fun with the following mixology-influenced additions.

Tequila Furnace – This version kicks up the heat with just a few drops of Tabasco sauce swirled into the tequila shot and a bite of lime to finish it off.

Snap, Crackle, Drop – The addition of Angostura bitters and a few twists of freshly ground pepper give this shot a medium heat rating but a five stars for flavor.

Agave Drop – This mini cocktail provides all the flavors of a margarita with agave nectar and fresh lime, right there in a tasty little package.

Spanish Raindrop –  As aptly states, “If only the precipitation in the U.S. was this delicious…” We have to agree. This shot takes a bit of effort, but the sherry, fresh lime and flaming orange zest make this a cocktail worth trying.

You’ll be off to a good start with these low-calorie Cinco de Mayo cocktails. Try the Hot Madre martini or one of the other daring mini-cocktails with a kick. Either way, “Stay thirsty my friend.”