Well everyone – September is here. In fact, we’re already heading into a midway point in September and we can’t believe it. Summer is coming to an end and those lazy, sunny days and much needed vacations are suddenly a distant memory. But we have GOOD news! First of all, we at G+LaR are back behind the bar and in the kitchen reviving some amazing classics for your upcoming Fall parties. But that isn’t all. FOOTBALL SEASON is BACK! So whether you’re cheering on your college team or rooting for a favorite NFL team, we’ve got just the thing for this sporting season ~ BLOODY MARY’S! Heck – some of those games and tailgates start pretty early so why not get into the game with a classic pre-party cocktail that’s sure to please the entire crew.


It's yummy morning, noon, night or any time of day on GAME DAY!

It’s yummy morning, noon, night or any time of day on GAME DAY!

TOOLS :: Tall Glass, Bar Spoon
EXTRAS :: Celery Stalk, Cherry Tomatoes
GLASS :: Highball
SERVING :: 1 Cocktail

INGREDIENTS :: {in the order you should add them!}
1 tsp {about 5 dashes} Worcestershire sauce
5 drops of Tabasco sauce {or to taste ~ depends on how spicy you like ‘em}
¼ tsp celery salt {just a pinch!}
½ oz of fresh squeezed lemon juice
1 tsp Worcestershire sauce
2 oz of vodka
Top quality tomato juice


  • Fill your tall glass to the top with ice
  • Add first 6 ingredients into glass
  • Stir well with bar spoon to fully mix
  • Fill remainder of glass with tomato juice
  • Stir again with barspoon
  • Garnish with celery and cherry tomato

NOTE #1 ::
You can have a lot of fun with Bloody Mary’s, especially with your garnishes. It’s all about what you like! So have some fun ~ Grab a fresh or pickled green bean and throw that in there! A lemon wedge or pickled onions are also true classics. And if you’re looking for a flavor twist, substitute lemon pepper for the celery salt. Yummy!