We’ve been highlighting a lot of berries on the site in the past few weeks ~ we’ve placed them into cocktails, salads and even a delish dessert. Since these entrees featured a lot of strawberries, we figured it was time to show the BLACKBERRY a little love. For Throwback Thursday, we are here to bring back a favorite cocktail of ours: the BLACKBERRY FRESCA. With a handful of blackberries {don’t forget they are rich in antioxidants}, a fresh grapefruit and a little mixing, you’ll be ready for cocktail hour in no time. This cocktail is refreshing yet savory at the same time. Give it a try and let us know how it goes. Happy Thursday! Love, G+LaR


Grapefruits, Blackberries, Vodka + Port...oh my!

Grapefruits, Blackberries, Vodka + Port…oh my!

TOOLS ::   Shaker, ice, muddler, fine metal strainer
GLASS ::  Coupe
EXTRAS ::  Lime wedge, blackberry for garnish
SERVINGS :: 2 cocktails

2 oz. of fresh squeezed Pink Grapefruit juice
.5 oz. of fresh squeezed Lime juice
6 fresh Blackberries
4 oz. Vodka
1.5 oz. Port Wine* {see NOTE below}


  • Pour the first 3 ingredients into the shaker with no ice.
  • Use your muddler and smash up the blackberries to mix them into the other juices.
  • Add ice into the shaker, then add the Vodka and the Port.
  • Shake it like you mean it!
  • Hold your metal strainer over your coupe glass and double strain the shaker contents.
  • Garnish with a blackberry and lime wedge.

NOTE* ::

Sweet wine served as dessert or mixed into cocktails ~ delish either way

Sweet wine served as dessert or mixed into cocktails ~ delish either way

We made this cocktail with Port wine originally and still recommend the delish flavors of a good Port with this cocktail. But if you don’t have a Port around, we’ve substituted a sweet Malbec or other sweet red wine for the Port and the cocktail still works. Recently we found the most adorable bottles from a winery and bought the wine simply because of the label. Who could resist ~ purple and a cake? We were sold and have been pleasantly surprised by the versatility on how they are mixing into cocktails or served cool and straight up for dessert.  The important thing :: HAVE FUN and experiment!


It's Berry Delicious!

It’s Berry Delicious!

What could be easier or better? The plentiful supply of berries in the stores makes this appetizer a must for your summer entertaining. It’s simple, it looks beautiful and with little effort your guests will love serving up the refreshing taste. Simply rinse your berries, slice the strawberries, toss into a bowl and voila ~ you’re the party Superstar!